Book giveaway!

This was meant to happen last month during ME awareness week, but life, or namely, ME got in the way!

Catherine Saunders over at @Severe_ME on twitter and I have teamed up to offer a free copy of her excellent book, Understanding Severe ME.

Take a look at Severe ME (@Severe_ME):

Catherine has lived with severe ME for many years but thankfully recovered to such an extent that she has been able to write about her experiences and offer insight and support to others.

If you’d like to be in with a chance of winning a copy of her book, please email me at:

You do need to do a little work however! We want to know what percentage of those with ME fall into the severe category?

So that’s it, answer the question in your email and the winner with the correct answer will be chosen at random.

Closing date is Sunday 30th June.

The winner will be announced on my twitter page @talmandaniel shortly afterwards!

You can access Catherine’s blog here

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